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'What you deposit into the LIFE of today’s YOUTH is what future generations will draw from them.' ~ Mark Stoddart

I recently had the pleasure of attending Cadarackque Public School and Chief Dan George Public School to teach and participate in a Growth Mindset Art Project called ‘I am An Artist.’ Students were challenged to do a self-examination towards self-understanding with an overall goal to discover who they are by creating words of affirmation that will EMPOWER them now, within the fabric of their Canadian identity and to celebrate their diverse voices.

Please watch these talented 8th graders come together as one voice and create inspiring pieces of art.

I realized that one of life’s greatest treasures lays within the beautiful relationships we build with people within our community. These relationships are built on mutual kindness, respect, and sympathy. As I continue to re-invent and express myself the best way I can, I've also been blessed to witness the growth and maturity of many young individuals who are re-inventing and defining themselves. One individual particular is Randell Adjei @randelladjei. Randell has taken advantage of his opportunities to elevate the people around him. He’s the embodiment of what commitment and excellence is all about. I’m proud to work together with him on these projects, for the betterment of our community.

There’s no expiration date on dreams. And no start date for activism. Someone has to think of the idea, why can't it be you? Someone has to change the way we build a community, why can’t it be us?  Struggle builds character. 

Leave your MARK. Fulfill your destiny.  LIVE IT. WEAR IT. WITH PURPOSE

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