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LIWI68: Bold, Beautiful, & Brilliant Pop-up PhotoShoot

Join the Celebration on Family Day Weekend! 
The Bold, Beautiful & Brilliant Pop-Up Experience
Get ready for a transformative experience with The LIWI68 Bold, Beautiful & Brilliant Campaign! We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Toronto Metropolitan University for the Live It Wear It: Pop-Up Experience. Join us in celebrating Family Day as we bring the community together for a positive cause.

Pop-Up Experience Details:

Mark your calendars for Sunday, February 18th, at The Innovation Studio at The Creative School (110 Bond Street) Our vibrant Pop-Up Experience will run from 12 pm to 6 pm, creating a unique space for personalized photoshoots that capture your bold, beautiful, and brilliant essence. Award-winning photographer Jack Flawless will ensure each moment is a work of art, and DJ One-Sixx will craft an incredible soundscape for the day.

Campaign Purpose:

The Bold, Beautiful & Brilliant Campaign isn't just about style; it's a movement toward positive change. By accepting our unique challenge, you'll receive a special T-shirt to wear proudly. Capture an empowering photo that reflects your individuality and share it on your social media platforms, radiating positivity throughout February and beyond.

Your participation in this campaign is instrumental in creating lasting improvements in our community. The mission is clear: to enhance lives by uniting the community for positive transformations. BOLD is more than a word; it's a lifestyle.

Thank you for being part of this impactful journey. Enjoy your gift, and remember to LIVE IT. WEAR IT. WITH PURPOSE.
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