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Ontario's First Ever Poet Laureate

For me I hope this can be an opportunity for young people to see their potential and pursue their passions. If your given a gift its on you to push it forward. - Randell Adejei


On April 28, 2021, our beloved brother Randell Adjei, accomplished another goal by being named Ontario's first Poet Laureate. 



For those of you who may not know this talented young man, he is the executive and creative director of R.I.S.E. (Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere) Edutainment an organization that empowers BIPOC youth in the Greater Toronto Area to promote meaningful art in self-expression. 


He also works as an inspirational speaker for three school boards in the GTA with a specific focus on instilling a growth mindset and arts introspection into the school curriculum. 

As noted in an article written by Ali Raza, and posted in Toronto Star, 

"In his new role, the renowed spoken word artist, poet, motivational speaker, and coach, Adjei will serve as a legislative officer in a two year term. When public health restrictions are lifted, he will travel across the province to increase the profile and exposure of Ontario's poets, participate in poetry readings, and organize and administer educational workshops."

Randell has taken advantage of his opportunities to better the people around him. He represents what commitment and excellence are all about.

I’m proud to be your mentor and humble to be a service to RISE EDUTAINMENT and our community!

Congratulations brother. Words cannot express the joy and happiness I am feeling right now. You are an inspiration to our community, and a brother and role model to so many youths.

You are a humble young man who has perfected their God given talents to serve and uplift others. All the best in your new role. 



Created in 2001 as part of the Parliament of Canada Act, the Speakers of the Senate and House of Commons appoint the Poet following an open nomination process.

Chosen candidates are appointed for a two year term. Once appointed, the Poet Laureate is required to do the following:

  • write poetry, especially for use in Parliament on important occasions;
  • sponsor poetry readings;
  • advise the Parliamentary Librarian regarding the Library’s collection and acquisitions to enrich its cultural materials and
  • perform other related duties at the request of the Speaker of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Commons, or the Parliamentary Librarian.*


    ABOUT R.I.S.E.


    Our Mission

    We create safe and inclusive spaces for youth and emerging artists to express themselves in a positive way. Through our Edutainment methodology, we empower performance artists to create meaningful art rooted in self knowledge and self expression. We believe art has the power to transform the lives of many youth we often see lost to the system and its streets.

    Our programs provide youth with platforms to perform, learn and develop leadership skills. Our model encourages youth to dive deep into their stories while using art as a cathartic practice to explore their vulnerability and create room to best deal with their mental health

    We believe safe platforms encourage self-expression and self reflection. In many cases it is an opportunity for youth to experience the power of community healing through art and vulnerability.

    RISE Monday’s:

    RISE Edutainment provides youth with opportunities to express their creative voice, develop innovative leadership skills, while enriching professional artistic practice. Every Monday, RISE organizes a showcase inside the Burrows Hall Community Centre. As our primary program, it draws youth from across the GTA, due to its popularity. We are currently expanding our programming to the west-end of Toronto. Each Monday RISE attracts 80-125+ artists and art lovers of all art forms, youth and activists across the GTA. With a huge surge in untapped talent, RISE quickly experienced a need to help emerging artists reach new levels of artistry.

    With help from the City of Toronto Culture Division (2013), RISE established its annual ‘Edutainment Convention’ aimed to enhance access to resources for underprivileged youth artists; essentially “bridging the gap between emerging and professional artists”. This 3-day convention consisted of full-day emerging artist discussion panels, artist workshops, mentorship with industry professionals and Q&A sessions with granting officers. In 2016 we changed our model and focused the program as an intensive weekend retreat to enhance and encourage intimate learning and collaboration.



    Each year since our inception, we have hosted our annual ‘416RISE’ celebration, with the purpose of spreading awareness of the power of community and Edutainment. 416RISE is a culminating event that includes outstanding artists and youth that have enriched their craft through the participation in RISE programs throughout the year. It is also our way to help bridge the gap between emerging and professional artists, providing a larger platform.


    To learn more about R.I.S.E. visit 


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    1. avatar Ann Johnston says:

      Randell are you the same young man that came to my program at Don Mills Collegiate to the basketball on a Saturday evenings.This is Sister Ann you can reach me at We have 15 schools now and we reach ages 13- 18 in the GTA Blessings Sister Ann

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