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Remembering Bill Russell

“To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, to love someone who loves you is everything.” Bill Russell

An iconic legend who was not only loved by millions of fans across the world, but put his heart, soul and love in everything he did on and off the court.

Many fans will remember Mr. Russell as the Celtic legend who carried the Celtics to 12 NBA Finals, winning the championship 11 times.

However, off the court he became one of the most socially conscious athletes in American history.

He attended Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech in person and was one of several black athletes and leaders to attend the 1967 Cleveland Summit in support of Muhammad Ali. In 1966.

In 1966, Russell became the first Black head coach in American sports history.

Mr. Russell called out injustices whenever he felt necessary.

Decades of activism led former President Barack Obama, to award him the nation's highest civilian honor, the Medal of Freedom in 2011.

In 2017, the NBA awarded him with its Lifetime Achievement Award.

Adam Silver called Russell "the greatest champion in all of team sports"

Rest easy Mr. Russell you truly lived a life of purpose influencing and inspiring millions around the world.

You will be missed.

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