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  • Rise & Grind - If GOD woke you up this Thursday morning, BE productive. The Life Quote for today is..“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” - Maya Angelou

    Now more than ever, we need to call on our inner light. For me, It’s been an amazing week. The momentum from my "ReConnected STC" exhibit has inspired me to believe more in my light, and to reflect and be grateful for it. Your inner light might be dim, or it might be bright. But it’s there, ready for you to tap into whenever you want.

    Yesterday was a very special day for me as it was the anniversary date of my company LIVE IT WEAR IT (LIWI68). With the assistance and dedication of my team of brothers, my vision to reach a greater audience (not only by the creation of t-shirts) has manifested into a reality.

    Eleven years later, we have been blessed to have the opportunity to enter into schools to educate students on the importance of branding and Media Literacy.

    Throughout the years, we have formed various partnerships with individuals, foundations, and companies whose philosophies and principles have aligned with our own.

    One specific partnership which we will forever be grateful for is the working relationship we established with Dr. John Carlos. Being able to unite with Dr. Carlos has changed my life forever. Through him, I have learned so much and continue to learn. To have Dr. Carlos endorse and validate what we have been doing for so many years, confirmed within myself the reason why I continue to do what I do.

    When talking to Dr. Carlos you can sense that he is eternally young at heart and spirit, and loves life-- his face constantly radiates with joy and jubilation. He has a purpose and a passion; he is not burdened by all the material things that attract so many individuals in life. It is the people who get up and want to give back to others who truly have the greatest lives. They are not only the ones making a difference but they have more fun enjoying life while doing it.

    We here at LIWI68 embrace this concept. Giving back is one of our number one priorities and we strive to make a difference while enjoying life’s little moments.

    Through our company, we have been able to educate, empower and unite the masses through many different streams.

    Many of you have previously asked what motivates me. Well, what motivates me is the realization that LIWI68 expands way past my clothing line. Giving back to the community that has supported and continues to support our brand and vision, drives us to continue what we have been doing.


    That being said, you are cordially invited to come to my ReConnected STC AfterParty and also celebrate LIWI68s 11th anniversary on Sunday, Oct 20, 2019 at Local 44 Restaurant located at 41 Milner Avenue, at McCowan/401.

    The event will take place from 6pm until closing (2am). Live music, and a raffle of a few special items will be ongoing throughout the evening.

    The presentation of the ReConnected art pieces will be presented to those individuals that attend at 8pm. Admission is free. The kitchen will also be open, offering all selections from the Local 44 

    Since Nuit Blanche, many conversations have been ignited, brilliant new ideas have emerged, and most importantly, we have ReConnected with each other, with our community, and with our individual missions.

    I look forward to seeing you on Sunday to continue these important conversations and build collectively. If you’re able to make it to the celebration, please RSVP by Friday, October 18th.


    With appreciation!

    Mark Stoddart

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    Rise & Grind - if GOD woke you up this Thursday morning, BE productive. The Life Quote for today is…"THE  HIGHEST HUMAN ACT IS TO INSPIRE.”-Nipsey Hussle

    With the unfortunate, senseless passing of Nipsey Hussle, and seeing and hearing the unique stories of how Nipsey Hussle inspired hundreds of people within his community, it made me reflect on my own life and purpose.

    We all know people who inspire others to act by using their God-given abilities.

    I recently came across Michael Angier's "Top Ten Ways to Inspire Others to Be Their Best".

    Like Nipsey, we all have the ability to inspire others by  exhibiting one of the following:

    1. Be a good example. People watch what you do more than they listen to what you say. Be someone worth emulating.

    2. Care about others. People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care. Ask questions. Take a genuine interest in people.

    3. Encouragement. Everyone goes through tough times. When you support people and encourage them through these times, you’ll be inspiring them to see the best in themselves and in the situation.

    4. Be inspired yourself. Look for people, ideas, environments and knowledge that you find inspiring and motivating.

    5. Share from your own experience. You have more to share than you realize. Mine the rich experiences of your life and share your wisdom from your unique point of view. You may be the only one who can touch someone with your inspiring message.


    6. Be vulnerable. Be willing to share your failures as well as your successes. Others will relate to you. They’ll understand that they’re not the only ones with challenges.

    7. Tell stories. Facts tell and stories sell. They inspire, too. We learn best from parables and we all need to develop our own inspiring stories.

    8. Be a good communicator. Increasing your ability to communicate effectively is a critical element for you to inspire others. Watch how you speak and what you say. Invest in your communication skills.

    9. Challenge people. Many of us have had teachers who at times seemed more like tormentors than mentors. They challenged us to do our best, and we were better for it. Practice "carefrontation"—the careful and caring confrontation of others.

    10. Read. It may not follow that all readers are leaders, but certainly, all leaders are readers. Stay informed. Share what you read with others. Tell people about books that have inspired you. Share the knowledge.



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