“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it.” – Martin Luther King Jr.



(L to R - Sean Dwyer, Mark Stoddart, & Jon Murray)


LIWI68 is an online boutique store that advertises and sells merchandise created by Toronto artist and graphic designer Mark Stoddart. The site features two independent collections: LIVE IT WEAR IT (LIWI68), and MARK STODDART.


All items showcased on this site are shipped from Toronto, Ontario in Canada. Unfortunately, this is why the cost of shipping items to the United States are considered high.


We have built an incredible fan base all over the world based on our consistent goal and passion to create a brand that represents an individual’s journey to strive for their passions, dreams, and desires. Officially known as LIVE IT WEAR IT (LIWI68), LIWI68 was established in 1968, thus the reason for the “68” at the end of LIWI. Something that initially started out as a thought and a pastime, has now established itself as a successful entrepreneurial career for a few passionate individuals.


Creating work that is educational and inspirational is one of our primary goals. Partnering with like minded businesses and individuals is also a key ingredient when collaborating with us. We are always looking for new opportunities and the ability to work with new individuals and businesses. Drop us an email to get started!


With over a thousand items sold within the first year of operation, LIWI68 has solidified its brand as an independent retailer capable of making a huge impact in the online retail industry among giants.






LIWI68 is a Toronto based company that provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses looking to create or modify their existing logo/brand as well as assisting with social media marketing ideas and creativity.


In addition to providing these services, LIWI68 also specializes in creating designs and logos catered towards sparking conversation or controversy.


All of the designs featured on this site have been created by local artist Mark Stoddart who is also the founder of LIWI68.




Mark Stoddart’s work has been exhibited at several galleries and private events around Toronto. His portfolio of paintings has received widespread acclaim which eventually led to his talents being showcased on BRAVO TV’s series “Star Portraits.” 

His commitment and popular slogan of “Educate, Empower and Unite” can be seen throughout his artwork which is often drawn from his passion for music, sports and social activism.


The Mark Stoddart Collection showcases some of his wonderful pieces and limited edition t-shirt designs. Pieces from his “Voices of the Past” collection, which pays tribute to various black musicians, athletes, and political figures throughout history, features iconic figures like legendary boxer Cassius Clay, baseball great Jackie Robinson and political activist Kathleen Cleaver.