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My recent installation titled "Queens and Kings - ReConnected STC" displayed as part of this years Nuit Blanche art exhibition displayed at the Scarborough Town Centre (STC), has received so much positive feedback that discussions and consideration on potentially making this exhibit a permanent feature within STC, has been circulating.

This blog has been created to showcase the wonderful comments I have received thus far, as well as, allow those of you who have seen the exhibit, to share your overall experience at the Nuit Blanche event as well share your comments and thoughts on having my art exhibit a permanent fixture within STC.

All of the positive comments supporting this initiative will be provided to those capable of making this happen so please leave a comment and share this post with others who may have seen the exhibit and shared their experience with you.

Below are a few of the comments that have been received thus far:


Scarborough Town Centre was delighted to host Mark Stoddart’s ‘ReConnectedSTC’ installation as a contributor to the 2019 Nuit Blanche exhibit and beyond. The diversity, accomplishment and societal contribution that Mark presents in his work evokes a sense of pride and inclusivity and we were privileged to participate in shining a light on the multicultural mosaic that Scarborough represents. - Lisa Resnic Marketing Manager


Gorgeous representations of the people who make up Scarborough today, and told the town center they should become permanent.  Freeman added he was “gobsmacked by Stoddart’s beautiful, well-researched vision that celebrates Scarborough heroes,” which also incorporates Scarborough Mirror articles into the artwork on the pedestrian bridge between the town center and the Scarborough Centre Rapid Transit station. - Barry Freeman, chair of the University of Toronto Scarborough’s department of arts, culture, and media.


There were stories and photos our reporters and photographers brought to light, focusing on the issues affecting our community and the people who call it home. I'll admit this brought tears to my eyes; tears of joy, and gratitude, that our work was acknowledged with such thoughtful and creative expression.   - Georgia Balogiannis is Editor-in-Chief for Metroland Media Toronto.


Magical moments are what make special memories.  Having seen this exhibit with my photo alongside so many great community contributors was an everlasting memory that my family and I proudly shared.  I thank Mark for recognizing the efforts of so many individuals in Scarborough and praise him for his great artistic work !!!! Mark, you rock. - Sam Moncada (SBA Scarborough Basketball )


I am so honoured and grateful to @mstoddart68 for featuring me in this dope exhibit paying homage to Scarborough royalty- his artwork is a major and anticipated part of this years #Reconnected #nuitblanche. During my undergrad at UTSC (UofT Scarborough) I gave 5 years to the Scarborough community - mainly through using arts and political education to community build and create a radical activist culture before I co-founded a Black Liberation movement in Toronto. Seeing my face in the entrance of STC is not only surreal but a full circle from all of the work that has been done over the years! Allah bless, thank you to everyone who has showed love and continue to hold me up! More movements to come inshallah. Thank you Mark for seeing me, honouring my heart work and giving me the platform to tell my story amidst the weaponized attacks of white supremacy and misogynoir that attempted to silence and discredit my voice and our truth! Seeing my face honoured in public this way when it was used against me when I shut it down for Black ppl truly is a documentation I honour and hold high and close to me🙏🏾this archive of memory is so powerful thank you 🙏🏾 - Yusra Khogali

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  1. avatar Dwayne Dixon says:

    Attending the launch of Mark Stoddart’s Re:Connected exhibit at STC during Nuit Blanche, reminded me of what I love about Scarborough! The unity! I was able to connect and re:connect with many people throughout the night and we all shared a proud moment of seeing influential community members highlighted in this way! Mark, salute to you for being consistent with your art and support for your community, a true visionary. 1 Love!

  2. avatar Selena Spencer says:

    “It was an honour to attend the ReConnected STC After Party celebrating the accomplishments of Mark Stoddart work. Being able to hear the individuals who were featured in his art exhibit speak, created a greater understanding as to why they were chosen by him. Mark Stoddart was able to capture the heart and passion of the city through his artwork as well as at this particular event. I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for him in this city and beyond.” – Selena Spencer

  3. avatar Lesa Francis says:

    As an admirer of visual art, I consider Mark Stoddart to be a new brand of phenomenal. I first met Mark in 2013 and was immediately intrigued by his humble countenance. I was so enthralled with his style of artistry that when I was commissioned to curate a two week long art display at Scarborough Civic Centre in 2015, he was the first person I called. He was so generous in loaning us his fascinating Mandela, MLK and Huey pieces which drew lots of attention for their unique medium and attention to detail.

    Since then, I have continued in awe to observe Mark’s progressive upward journey as a consummate artist and entrepreneur.
    Mark’s latest installation, ReConnectedSTC at Toronto’s Nuit Blanche in the Scarborough Town Centre, tipped the scale for me when it comes to new level of creative artistry. In addition to his work being visually mesmerizing, I was able to ReConnect with the images of my multiple friends featured and my other fellow Scarborough natives.

    It was a joy for me to bring my two younger children with me to congratulate the artist behind such masterpieces and congratulate him and his art subjects. I absolutely love the lasting documented legacy that Mark has created with his art and I commend him highly on his insight, uniqueness and fortitude to pursue his gifted craft and share his dreams with the world.

  4. avatar Drew Ebanks says:

    Mark Stoddart is an artist who has been way ahead of his time for seemingly forever. Through his unique artworks he has managed to not only stay relevant in these fast-changing times, but also has created an incredible piece of art for future generations to admire in ReConnectedSTC that brings Scarborough heroes of the past, present and future together and illuminates the exceptional talent from the this often times underappreciated part of the great city. Groundbreakers and trailblazers like Jamaal Magloire, Lilly Singh, Dwayne Morgan and others successes are brought to life through Mark’s use of newspaper articles, clppings which document the amazing journies that these great Canadians have been on in their lives! Congratulations Mr. Stoddart…I hope your installation stays at Scarborough Town Centre forever because your have always been and continue to be ahead of your time!

  5. avatar Sharon Fletcher says:

    I came across the exhibit while not feeling well and going to pick up a prescription at STC (Scarborough Town Centre) the hub of all amenities. As I came up to the entrance I was immediately stopped in my tracks and awe struck by the life size images of the trailblazers of Scarborough.

    I was so inspired, that as someone who does social media engagement, I decided to livestream despite feeling sick and not looking my best. In that moment it became more important to me to invite as many eyes as possible to see this amazing display of the caliber of citizens Scarborough has produced.

    How often do we see and hear positive stories of great Canadians and especially great Canadians that are people of colour?

    My heart became full. I felt my posture erect and pride fill my stride to see people who like me, from my hood, some I grew up with and are now being phenomenal in the world.

    Yup, that’s the Scarborough I know and proudly still reside in.

    Thank you Mark for creating this “work of heart” and I feel you right back!❤️🙂👊🏾

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