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We Can All Do Better - A Message Regarding Black History Month

Every year for the entire month of February we celebrate the contributions of Blacks throughout history. For one month the sacrifices and accomplishments of many great women and men are magnified. Sadly enough, the celebrations of sacrifices and accomplishments by the media are usually confined to those individuals whose stories are told every year. This BHM lets all make it a personal mission to share stories of those individuals who may not be that well known to the general public. No story is to small to be told. Their are great leaders and businesses doing great things within our local areas that deserve the recognition not just during BHM but 365 days a year. 

Learn more than the fact that Garrett Morgan invented the traffic light; learn that Charles Patterson owned an automobile manufacturing business and sold a car, The Patterson, that some say were better than Packards and Fords. In other words, dig deeper during BHM; expand your mind by increasing your knowledge of the entire spectrum of Black History.

Kudos to director, writer and lead actor Nate Parker for bringing to the screen, Birth of a Nation, the story of Nat Turner's 1831 slave rebellion. Many people will critic and have their opinions regarding the facts portrayed in this movie but the accomplishments and persistence of Nate Parker to have this story told is commendable and admirable. 

February will come and past but the untold and told stories pertaining black history will always be available to those persistent young and old historians looking to expand their knowledge of black history past BHM. 

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