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“Look ahead 10 years then work backwards. Make sure every day brings you one step closer to where you want to be.” - Pejman Ghadimi

When I look back 10 years, I can remember a Scarborough community coming together to say their last farewell to my friend Shawn "BLU" Rose.

Shawn was a local youth worker who died of a brain aneurysm in 2005. Shawn had an extraordinary gift to connect with people especially the youths in his beloved community Malvern. Shawn gave the Malvern community the greatest gift one could give - his time.

On August 13th, 2006, the City of Toronto honored Shawn's efforts by renaming a Malvern-area park in his name. A gracious and well deserving tribute to a man who gave the community his all.  A remarkable milestone as it also marks the first time a City park in Toronto has been named after an African-Canadian local community member. 

Shawn leaned heavily on the teachings of Marcus Garvey's philosophy of "each one - teach one" to make positive changes in his community. A wonderful philosophy that we should all adopt and follow. Shawn spent the majority of his life giving back to the community he loved. His dedication and passion to see the youths within his community progress and bring about positive change continues to flow throughout the community.

Let us not live our lives like ripples in a lake caused by a small stone quickly dying away, leaving no visible trace that ever existed. We all have the ability to leave our mark and bring about change.

Growing up in the Malvern community I knew Shawn and the Rose family personally. In honor of his memory I immortalized my dear friend BLU in one of my art pieces.

In honor of his 10 year anniversary, I am honored and pleased to unveil another item designed to pay homage to his memory and legacy.

In collaboration with 5IVES ON TOP, LIWI68 is pleased to bring you the first item to the “Together We Are One” collection titled “Forever BLU.” This item will be available exclusively at BRIMZ.

@Brimz Hats & Boutique Located At 321 Queen Street W.

Future items added to this collection will be designed with the intent of sharing the stories of an individual. Visualize your dreams and aspirations and lets 5IVES ON TOP and LIWI68 bring it to LIFE.

For e-transfers and info 

To confirm your order and schedule a pick up. Come this Saturday, rain or shine come out and celebrate the life of Shawn “BLU” Rose

@ 30 Empringham Dr. Scarborough ON from 2pm -7pm 

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