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Unveiling the Latest Freedom Fighters Collection at the 8th Annual Manifesto Festival in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario – September 18-21: We are pleased to announce the 8th Annual Manifesto Art Exhibition will be, once again, taking over Toronto and this year is slated to be bigger than ever before. The jam packed Festival of Community and Culture features an innovative program of events across the city, culminating in a massive free outdoor concert at Yonge & Dundas Square in the heart of downtown Toronto and will feature some of Toronto’s best artists and designers.

The show will feature Toronto artist, Mark Stoddart, owner and visionary behind the popular LIVE IT WEAR IT brand. Stoddart will be unveiling his highly anticipated newest addition to the collection titled “Freedom Fighters,” which will include four pieces titled: Promised Land 1968, Lil’ Bobby 1968, The Hate That Hate Produced 1965, & Past Present & Future 2012. In addition, in celebration of the 1968 Olympic protest turning 46, LIWI will also feature the latest items from the John Carlos collection.

Debuting for the first time in 2010 at Manifesto, LIWI68 quickly gained the attention of the Toronto community and became a staple at the annual exhibition. For more information pertaining to the LIWI68 brand.

About Manifesto

Founded in 2007, Manifesto is a non-profit organization that works to unite, energize and celebrate Toronto’s diverse arts communities and find innovative ways of working together towards common goals through year round programming and activities. Growing to be the largest and most unique festival of its kind in just five short years, the critically acclaimed Manifesto Festival of Community & Culture is the annual culmination of Manifesto’s work, bringing together hundreds of artists & performers, and thousands of spectators over eleven days, to showcase our city’s talented arts community and strengthen its foundations by building a collective sense of pride and possibility. The festival also takes place in Jamaica and Barbados. For more information pertaining to this year's manifesto, visit the site at



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