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Its pages are blank. The book is called Opportunity, and its first chapter is New Years Day  – Ebonnie Rowe

As the New Year slowly approaches we almost routinely, begin to rejoice in leaving behind all things negative and anticipate what the New Year holds for us. Reflecting on all the events that have taken place in our lives, we often make promises to improve, to change, to be superior to our previous “self”. We celebrate and embrace the opportunity to start another year off better than the previous one. We anticipate and await all that the New Year holds for us. Ironically, it is what we bring into to the New year, that will determine what we get from the New Year. We are the authors of our own individual book and have all the required tools to write it. Like anything we write, a well thought out outline or plan is required before we begin to write. Those that take the time to think and plan out there book will always have a better chance of achieving their goals and dreams.

Let us all take this time to really start anew. By releasing negative energy or ill feelings that we might be harboring towards others, and by letting go of any self doubt and fear, only then can we truly begin to progress ourselves and move forward positively and free in the New Year. Some may consider fear as inverted faith. Let’s move forward with a new attitude. Remember that WE control our lives with the guidance of GOD.

That being said….Here is some New Year resolution suggesting:

1. Give Forgiveness to your enemy.

2. Give tolerance for your adversary.

3. Give your heart to your friends.

4. Give charity to all without thinking twice.

5. Become an example to a child.

6. If you didn’t this current year, have respect for yourself!

Happy New Year to all of my friends from the 4 corners of the Universe!

I send you Love, Peace, Happiness, Freedom, Harmony, Unity, Facts, Knowledge, Wisdom, Choice, and much Success. Stay positive and be blessed.

STOP putting a question mark where God has ALREADY put a period.

Learn how to do well by doing good.


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