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Rise & Grind - If GOD woke you up this POSITIVE Thursday morning, BE productive. The life quote for today is...”You don’t get to choose how you're going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you're going to live. Now.”-Joan Baez

They say death happens in 3's, and I received a message from my sister last weekend that shocked my world once again. One of the matriarchs within our family had passed away. Ms G was 99 years old, and today would have been her Century "MARK" around the earth.

I have known Ms G all of my life. I can remember all the trips we would make as a family, travelling in Uncle Frank's big brown van, to visit our cousin in NYC or our famous trip to L.A. for our cousin's wedding in 2010.

My fondest memory with Miss G came last year September as I sat and talked to her about my art and business career. She was so proud of my choice to pursue my dream of once again creating art. I smiled when she told me she kept my art brochure in her bible.


As I celebrate her life today, I think about her death within the same breath. It's crazy how we take for granted time and treat it like something that is guaranteed. We constantly defer doing things such as pursuing that passion or dream, telling that special person how we feel or simply picking up the phone and checking on that family member or friend who we haven't spoken to in awhile.

I don't want to live my life like this anymore. Today I choose to live and love without no regret because tomorrow isn't promised (a phrase we use, but don't take seriously). Live with NO REGRETS!!!!!!!

What are you waiting for?????

Thank you all for your warm condolences within these past couple of days. I will share them with my Uncle and family today.

Happy 100th Birthday Ms G

When the matriarch of a family dies,
It is a difficult feeling to describe,
The death heralds the end of an era,
The gradual disappearance of a Legacy,
Every family member becomes paralyzed 
by the vacancy,
The Leader and Director of the familys' 
hopes and dreams has gone to rest,
Declaring, "It is time for everyone to live
up to their personal best,"
A reliable figure of normalcy and tradition 
has exited gracefully,
Leaving behind the formula to living
life decently. 

Your memory will forever live on through OUR family, and friends.


STOP putting a question MARK where God has ALREADY put a period. Live Your Life. Leave Your Legacy. Wear Our Story.

#2018 #LiveItWearIt #LIWI68


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