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"It's not about the product it's the process!" - Inky Johnson

In life there are always going to be barriers and hurdles in our way that will test our will, faith and strength. The key to dealing with these barriers is to practice good habits and not bad ones. Quitting is a bad habit. People quit because they don't take pride in what they do. I recall my parents uttering the same message Inky's mother said to  him; 'Son, whatever you start, you make sure you finish.' Regardless of the outcome, the process or journey will be rewarding in teaching you new things you never knew about yourself.  Life is truly a journey. Once you begin to train your mindset to understand that everything we go through in life is meant to make us stronger not weaker, we will truly begin to see the work of the Creator within our lives. 


We all have our own driving forces for what we do. These driving forces is what propels us to keep going. To keep fighting no matter what obstacles appear in our way. At a certain point in life it cannot be just about you. Whether it's a parent, family member, teacher, friend etc., repaying the people who have invested in you should be included in your journey. 

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