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No matter where we reside currently or in the future, there will always be that place we will always remember and call home. That place which contributed and laid the foundation for who we are today.

That place for me is called Scarborough.

Amalgamated into Toronto in 1998, the community of Scarborough, also known as the "borough", has always been known for its rich history and diverse culture.

A community committed to supporting grassroots programs and individuals focused on assisting others through various mediums.

Some of Canada's most notable stars have claimed Scarborough as their home or have a direct connection to the borough. Many of these stars have laid the foundation for upcoming artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

A community's strength is dependent on how those individuals that live within it collectively work together.

A testament to the Scarborough community being so strong is the amount of individuals who no longer reside in Scarborough but still actively interact and support community initiatives still happening within the area.

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